The observer, constantly in search for poetic moments…

Welcome! I am Kristen Hayman.

I have always been the one with a camera in her hands. Whether it was a camcorder, DSLR, or my cell phone, I have always leaned in to capture the moments.

Through my love of video and storytelling, I have garnered over 10 years experience working in the sports and entertainment industry for brands like ESPN/ABC, Michigan State University’s Spartan Vision, Big Ten Network and FOX Entertainment.

Specializing in video marketing, social media, content creation and distribution management, I help brands produce and publish video content across non-linear platforms, optimize metadata, boost SEO, and project manage overall 360-digital marketing strategies.

Being a stickler for the details with a strong business acumen, has led to a solid a track record of improving efficiencies for high-volume workflows and creating meaningful content that reach the heart of it’s targeted audiences.

Explore this site to take a peek at my work!