Kristen Jane Hayman

Digital Media Storyteller & Marketing Strategist


DoNskI Entertainment’s 10 Year Anniversary

***Originally written for “It’s your favorite entertainer! DoNskI! I’m in the building! Life ain’t nothing but a party!…I represent the Chi and I role with an army!” DoNskI blazes the stage with catchy rap lyrics that perfectly sums up his powerful brand in front of a crowd that truly loves him and supports his

Curl Mix Model

  Kristen Hayman worked for hire as a Curl Mix model, promoting their new Pumpkin Pie Hot Oil Treatment DIY recipe. Visit for more photos and video.

The Quirk Pack

A web-series about three girls powering through life while embracing their quirkiness. Created, Executive Produced, & Starring Kristen Hayman, Stacy Lambert, & Nicole Matheson. Kristen also served a co-writer and video/audio editor for the series. Click here to check out more of the episodes!